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January 12, 2017

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El Sendero de Serenidad

September 12, 2018

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Day 5: Stand Up PaddleBoarding & Handline Fishing

January 13, 2017



You know by now that I like epic experiences, but by no means do they have to be huge adrenaline pumping activities. I enjoy a beautiful setting that requires minimal exertion and being one with nature just as much as the next guy does. I can appreciate a stunningly beautiful flower or contemplate the rings of a tree. I don't mind telling you that I've shed tears… of joy during a graceful

 sunset. I can be very sensitive. This next adventure demonstrates my ability to be in touch with my feminine side, and have the ability to truly appreciate beauty for what it is. Come with me to enjoy a day of peaceful tranquility that presents it’s own epic virtues. Welcome to Day Five of my bucket list adventures on the Nosara River.


Ok, I’ll admit that stand up paddle boarding on the Nosara River was not actually a bucket list activity for me. But after the first day I tried it I became hooked to the sport and the environment in which we played within. The combination of balance, core stability and stealthy wildlife viewing gliding down tranquil water is what makes this so much fun. Weaving through mangroves, ducking under tree limbs and scooting around vines adds a technical element that keeps me engaged in the activity while I’m scanning the banks for wildlife. And wildlife is something you definitely see and hear a lot of, including dozens of bird species darting about the waters, little caimans playing on the tree limbs dipped into the river, iguanas stretched out on the branches above and even an occasional crocodile up ahead bathing on the side of the river banks (nahhhh Mom, just kidding).


Our friends at Experience Nosara provide an awesome SUP tour up the Ríos Nosara and Montaña. Their guides are expert naturalists and provide all kinds of cool details about the wildlife, flora and fauna. You'll take a break at the turnaround point on the Rio Montaña where you'll hop off the boards and walk through the mangroves to a deserted beach for a dip in the ocean and a delicious fresh fruit snack.


Peddling back to the estuary sometimes turns into a race, particularly if I'm paddling with my kids. Well actually, if it's with my kids then it turns into a bumper SUP race. As we reach the estuary where we began, which sits right at the river mouth, I always see local folks hand line fishing in the crashing waves at the boca. So one morning I walked over and asked if I could give it a whirl.  


If you haven't tried Handline Fishing I recommend it